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How to Use Social Media for Recruiting

Most companies create separate social media accounts for their careers without any direction or relevant content, and then commit Instagram harikari before they even make their first new hire.  

Before we dive into the "Do's, don'ts and best practice" of recruiting on social, we want to make a couple things clear.  If you don't attract customers through social media, then you most likely won't attract employees either, and that is A-OKAY.  Recruit employees where you recruit customers.  If your most successful marketing channel is email marketing, then recruit in your emails.  If your marketing success comes from YouTube, then recruit on YouTube.  Everyone thinks they need to be on social media, but the truth of the matter is that social media isn't meant for every company.   

Now let's chat about the companies that CAN AND SHOULD be recruiting through social media.  If you do attract your most loyal customers through social media, then recruit on social media.

Here are some tips and companies that are getting it right:

1.  You don't always need two separate social media accounts.  

Many companies fall prey to creating an account for every aspect of the business (i.e. marketing, careers, customer service, retail), the list goes on and on--but this isn't always necessary.  Great companies attract talent and consumers at the same time by creating awesome content.  If you don't believe us, go check out @Glossier, follow their Instagram stories and try to tell us they didn't just make you want to buy their product and work there at the same time.  Glossier is doing it right, and they are doing it all on one account.  They connect you to the product by giving behind the scenes tours on their Instagram, while making you want to work there by interviewing employees daily.  Granted this company is more attractive to women, but you get the idea.  

2.  You should connect with potential employees the same way you connect with the consumer.  

Everyone knows that inauthentic marketing leads to a disloyal customer base.  The same goes for recruiting.  If a company isn't authentic in the way they portray their workplace culture, then you can bet your turnover will be astronomical.  The simplest (and cheapest) way to showcase workplace culture is on social media.  Having employees take over your Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat, or Instagram is the most authentic recruitment tool in your arsenal.  Just like customers want to feel connected to your brand, employees want to feel connected to the soul of your company.  Nothing screams "We've got soul!" like a company with happy and enthusiastic employees--show this through social media.   

3.   Be consistent.  

This is an obvious piece of advice that no one ever takes.  Social media isn't complicated, it just takes time.  The best brands recruit through social media by having a consistent message and presence.  Another great example of a company that recruits through social media, a local social media agency in Atlanta.  They are constantly posting about clients and work, but they post about their culture and employees equally as often.  Well done!

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