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Culture Milestones and How To Address Them

Building culture is often a matter of timing — that is, when to make certain decisions around people. When should you hire a full-time recruiter, purchase an HR system, and write down the critical components of your culture (your core values)?  All of these decisions will significantly affect your current and future employees’ experiences.

Chad StricklandComment
Fake It ‘Til You Make It In Startup World, Until Somebody Gets Hurt

An interesting phenomenon in the startup world, and one that very few acknowledge, is the practice of “faking it until you make it (click for an unofficial definition).” This concept comes in varying levels— from modest “fake it” behavior, to outright blatant “fake it” swagger, and everything in between. What’s even more interesting is that “fake it ‘til you make it” seems to be contagious.

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Why Failure Is NBD In Startup World

In nature, when you fail it has pretty bad consequences — you end up getting eaten by a tiger or some other predator. In the corporate world, “failure” is also typically associated with bad things — like losing your job. Especially as you rise higher and higher up the ranks, screw up and you’re out.

Chad StricklandComment
A (not so scientifically valid) Observation of “The StartUp World”

A (not so scientifically valid) Observation of “The StartUp World”.  In the Spring of 1994, my sophomore year at Florida State University, I was enrolled in a Cultural Anthropology class which was a prerequisite for what I thought would be a Anthropology minor.