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the Research

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We live in a world of unprecedented information availability.  We know there are many, many, many, (many) mass surveys out there about the current state of the workforce.  We think they are awesome and we study them all, but that's not what we do.  Instead, we have meaningful conversations with real people about things like culture, purpose, working conditions, trust, motivation, ping pong, and TV shows they love.  It's personal and vulnerable, but we think it's important.  In fact, we have found that it's the best way for us to truly understand what the expectations are for the next generation workforce.  Plus, we just really like talking to interesting people. 


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Our research is not focused on one workforce demographic or generation.  We interview baby boomers, gen-x, millennials, and gen-z's who work in startups, large enterprise, and mid-market across all business verticals.  And in all of this research, we have found a common thread that every generation wants–to love their job. 



The only thing we ask of our participants is to care.  Care about sharing, care about the future, and care about how we can make work meaningful.  If you just think work is a "job", then you might not understand us.  But that is okay because we are finding ways to change that mindset.  We have hundreds of hours of interviews and we are still looking for new insights.  Drop us a note in the form below to be apart of the research.    


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