The Tifosi

Large Enterprise

Workforce Design + Culture Relevancy

We assist large enterprise clients to evaluate, design and implement workplace strategies relevant to the next generation workforce.  This includes evaluating current culture climate producing a Culture Canvas and Culture Roadmap for the future.  If needed, we assist the organization in developing relevant and authentic language for Purpose, Mission and Guiding Principles.  Many of our clients have dated and generic Values or Mission statement that is simply not inspiring nor fosters belief for the next generation worker.  

We then use our practical expertise to ensure the important component of the organization’s culture are reflected in the tactical touch points that matter to the employees.  

This includes the entire employee experience: reputation/employer branding, on-boarding, orientation, hiring process, interviewing, training, development, rewards and recognition.  Most importantly, we work with leadership to develop a campaign and communication plan to reinforce stated cultural goals and foster trust in the organization.

  • Needs Assessment - Process, Technology, People, Culture
  • Design Roadmap for Comprehensive Future State Document - Process, Technology, Talent, Organizational Design
  • Implementation Management
  • Culture Sustainability Design - Purpose, Mission, Guiding Principles
  • Communication Model + Training
  • Hiring Models

Leadership Transition + Onboarding

When bringing on a new leader in your organization, we can assist with a smooth and effective transition.  From the experience the new leader has on boarding to the plan how she gets up to speed by understanding the culture and expectations.  

  • New Leader Culture Assessment
  • Communication Services
  • Executive Coaching

Acquisition Integration

This service provides acquiring organizations with an objective view of the other entity’s leadership, HR systems, process, employee experience, and culture assessment.  

  • Culture Canvas - Voice, Expectations, Opportunities
  • Leadership Assessment
  • System/Process/Experience Assessment
  • Future-State Culture Roadmap
  • Communication Campaign
  • Implementation + Change Management

Experiential Events

We assist organizations with thoughtful design of their events from the perspective of their unique culture and what outcomes they are hoping to achieve with the event.  This includes strategy design around the theme of the meeting, learning deliverables, and experience.  We work with you to ensure that your intention for the meeting is delivered with the participants “feeling” and “believing” as the go back to their day to day life.  We can also source and manage the service providers to ensure proper execution.

  • Purpose Strategy + Delivery
  • Theme and Campaign Design
  • Content Creation Management
  • Source and Manage Service Providers
  • Onsite Execution + Production